The Loc.Artium association is a non-profit organisation based in Gais (AR). It was founded in 2020 with the aim of realising high-quality continuing education projects for young musical talents and professional musicians.

The projects (in the form of master classes, seminars, workshops, retreats, etc.) are organised in collaboration with committed partner organisations and personalities. They are based on a new, interdisciplinary approach that encompasses interpretation, composition and improvisation, with the aim to explore the interplay between musical genres as well as between music and other art forms. Participants are given the opportunity to go beyond the limits of their imagination and creativity in a stimulating setting. By mastering the challenges, they gain experiences of lasting value.

Loc.Artium operates both nationally and internationally. It draws on the long experience in youth music promotion of its president, Valérie Probst. The association concentrates on medium and long-term projects that are distinguished by their quality: quality of the chosen focus and themes, quality of the organisation and quality in the form of an open, interactive exchange between the participants and the seasoned artists who animate the events.

Another quality feature concerns the socio-cultural environment in which the projects are carried out: in addition to the focus on artistic creation, aspects such as ecology, sustainable nutrition and the upgrading of historical buildings as creative places of cultural life are integrated and experienced first-hand.

The Loc.Artium association stands for values based on openness, inspiration, creativity, self-development and harmony with the environment. The focus is on exploring the interaction between music and other forms of art and culture. The Loc.Artium association is non-political and non-profit oriented in its activities.

The Board

President Valérie Probst

Valérie Probst was born and raised in Southwest France. She lives in Switzerland since 1990. Mother of four children, she is Executive Director of the Swiss Youth Music Competition Foundation since 2008 and Executive Trustee of the Ruth Burkhalter Foundation for the Promotion of Young Musical Talent since 2019.

Since 2012, she is also in charge of the annual music promotion projects that take place in collaboration with the Hirschmann Foundation.

Marianne Engeloch

Marianne Engeloch lives in Bern. A former teacher, she has always loved to support young people. Together with her music-loving husband, she supported young musicians for many years. She is very happy to be part of the Loc.Artium association and to help shape and accompany the interesting projects.

Erich Zumstein

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The founding members

Maurice Steger, Alfons Loher, Rudolph Engeloch, Alice Loher

Projects 2023

Projects 2024