Violons Dansants

With Tina Strinning & Baiju Bhatt

A musical and dance journey around the world for children aged from 7 to 12

17. – 20. 5. 2024

During three intensive music days with up to six hours of rehearsals per day, the instructors take the young musicians on a journey through the world of music: From folk songs from various countries to improvisation and jazz, everything is included. Participants are given the opportunity to engage intensively with their instrument and the music.

«Violons Dansants» is an original pedagogical approach developed by Tina Strinning. The aim of this approach is to use dance as a didactic, technical and musical tool for learning the instrument. It is about performing simple dance steps while playing the violin, understanding the surrounding space and structuring the music within it. By focusing on other resistances, tensions related to the difficulties of the instrument would also tend to disappear. «Using the whole body, physiologically and neurologically, seems natural to me in order to develop the child’s global expression and personality,» explains Tina Strinning.